A commitment to quality and innovation, our wine tanks are designed to meet your specific production values. From simple fermentation and storage needs to complex design and fabrication solutions — let us be your partner in wine.

  • Large radius edges for ease of cleaning
  • All vessels and stands are standard with seismic construction
  • Heat transfer dimple jackets for high flow, high volume are standard
    • Channel and Standard dimples are available on request
    • Tank Top options include: truncated, cone, flat, dished, open or variable capacity
    • Tank Bottom configuration options include: flat sloping, dished or cone
    • Stainless base or attached stainless legs
    • Stainless Steel attached leg options: tapered/stiletto, round or square
    • Tank Finish: #4 finish standard, 2B finish available on request
  • Adjustable stainless foot pads are standard on all bases
  • 3″ (R-19) insulation with Stainless Steel #4 side wall insulated tank on request
  • Stacker fermenter/storage takes advantage of vertical space
  • MIG and TIG welded tank seams standard 15RA weld finish on request

Tank Delivery and Installation:

Once our tanks have passed Quality Control, it is important to make sure they do not get damaged during the delivery and installation process;  that is why we take the initiative and provide this service.  It also allows us to ensure a precision fit and a clean anchor finish.

Aluminum and Stainless Catwalks:

Designed and Fabricated

Sonoma Stainless has extensive experience in tank and catwalk design and layout.  We listen to the customer’s needs and design a valued solution to the project.  We also work closely with the architect to ensure all design details are addressed.

  • New construction or existing facilities retrofit
  • 24”, 30” and 36” wide are standard
  • Public access stairways, guard rails and walkways where required
  • Scalloped platform design for easy punch down access
  • Stainless steel catwalks and spiral stairs available on request
  • Stainless steel cable rail available on request

Winery Equipment:

Sonoma Stainless, Inc. is a custom fabrication shop and a stainless steel solutions expert; that is why our customers use us for all types of projects.

  • Sorting equipment modifications and repairs
  • Pneumatic punch down rails
  • Stainless steel press hoppers, custom and standard
  • Stainless steel dump bins, forward and side dump
  • Stainless steel sump carts
  • Stainless steel parts boards
  • Water stations
  • Electrical stations
  • Stainless steel lab counter tops and cabinets
  • 2”, 3”, 4” and 6” must or transfer lines

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